About Riverside Whisky Partners


Our client partner-relations are based on a tried and tested approach: to unveil and share the potential gains from cask whisky investment with individuals and companies from around the world. Just like producing a fine malt, building business recognition within the industry, takes knowledge, time, hard work and dedication.

We have created and protect strong links to incredible distilleries, which enhance our business models and strategies that incorporate tax compliance, insurance, and secure storage. The results are evident visibly, with the precision and execution of our packaged acquisition and ownership solutions for both enthusiasts and professional collectors of cask whisky.

Our Model is Built to Maintain

Sustainable Excellence


Riverside provides access to branded stock cask whisky at exchange prices from a wealth of independent distilleries in Scotland.

We conduct complex studies of brands, consumption, production levels and availability, to give clients a snapshot of demand and current supply.

We also cover the logistics of storage within government regulated bonded facilities and accompanied all-risk insurance.

Our packaged solutions maintain full tax compliancy across important jurisdictions including Ireland and the UK. 


Our comprehensive solutions package is based on turnkey ownership, this allows clients to access this exclusive cask whisky market through our client partner-relations.

We offer a range of individually tailored options and strategies that cater for a wide spectrum of budgets and timescales.

This incorporates which brands are most suited to buy to fit your ultimate objectives.

We cover length of hold and exit options, including private bottling and branding. We keep clients informed and in the circle with trends, market trading and new releases.


The whisky process takes time and patience, it takes three years in a cask before it can legally be called a whisky.

Even when produced by a brand distillery, it will go on to mature typically for five or more years to enrich the flavour.

It is this process that offers opportunities to clients, because the process of aging is resource intensive and many distilleries use cask selling as a form of leverage.

Our team of dedicated consultants are ready to guide clients based on their individual tailored needs.

Recognition of our

incredible team

Team Knowledge

We base recommendations and strategies firstly on clients circumstances and requirements, market analysis and independent statistical information. This helps clients to become more intuitive and involved in the final decision process that inspires confidence, inspiration and a desire to learn more.

Our team of talented consultants and determined founders make up the core essence of Riverside Whisky Partners. We seek and bring in the very best brightest talent that we inspire to offer unrivalled quality of service and strategies. We hold regular market activity and product meetings, to ensure we exchange current trends and information. This practice even includes our creative and administration team, who play their part to enhancing enthusiasm, knowledge and brilliance within the company structure and environment.

Driven by enthusiasm and the need to become

A Class of its own