Scotch whisky and salmon exports bounce back

Scotch whisky and salmon exports bounce back

In a recent article posted by the BBC, figures show promising times for the Scottish whisky export marketplace. Quoting part of the article, it explains the latest statistics indicating a strong recovery for Scottish whisky exports, while other sectors are busy trying to stop haemorrhaging capital.

It reads as follows:

Exports of Scotch whisky and Scottish salmon have bounced back strongly after taking a big hit from the pandemic in 2020, according to new figures.

Industry data showed exports of whisky grew by 19%, to £4.51bn, during 2021.

The number of 70cl bottles exported also grew by 21% to 1.38bn, the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) said.

Meanwhile, HMRC figures showed Scottish salmon exports recovered to near-record figures last year.

For whisky, growth was driven in particular by consumers in Asia Pacific and Latin America, with value increases of 21% and 71% respectively.

There was also strong growth in key emerging markets such as India, Brazil and China, while sales grew by 8% in the United States – the industry’s largest market by value.

This was despite the first quarter of 2021 being impacted by a 25% tariff imposed by the US on single malts in retaliation against EU subsidies given to aircraft maker Airbus. The tariffs were lifted in March last year.

Exports to the European Union grew by 8% in the first year since the UK left the transition period.

Despite the return to growth in 2021, the value of Scotch whisky overseas sales has not recovered to pre-pandemic levels, with exports remaining 8% lower than in 2019.

‘No time for complacency’

SWA chief executive Mark Kent said: “The global footprint of the industry in 2021 is a clear sign that the Scotch whisky industry is on the road to recovery.

Read the full article dated 11th February 2022 | See

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