Buy whisky by the cask

Buy whisky by the cask

Whisky is a complex spirit that takes years to produce. The process is both labour and capital intensive, requiring a significant investment of time and money.

The first step is to create the mash, which is a mixture of water, grain, and yeast. This is then fermented and distilled to produce the whisky.

The spirit is then aged in oak casks, which helps to give it its distinctive flavour.

After years maturing in the casks housed in warehouses and distilleries, the whisky is bottled and cask strength whisky is ready to be enjoyed. This process may seem lengthy, but it’s necessary in order to produce the high-quality cask whisky that investors have come to expect.

Investing in whisky

There are 134 operating Scotch distilleries across Scotland and an estimated 22 million casks maturing in their warehouses. With this in mind and considering the complex process, it’s easy to get a picture of the funds needed to cover the costs of casks until they are ready for bottling.

This is where cask ownership offers an alternative way to invest in Whisky. The process for this type of investment starts when investors purchase casks from distilleries. Owners will benefit from the uplift in the value of the whisky stock as well as the growth of a brand name without the expense of creating the whisky. This type of investment opportunity is what’s known as armchair investment.    

With a cask whisky investment, you can be confident that you’re getting a product that has been crafted with care and attention to detail.

Building a relationship between distillers and investors

Cask whisky investment is a type of speculative whisky investment whereby an investor purchases a cask from a distillery with the hope that, once bottled and sold, it will have increased in value. There are many cask whisky investment companies that act as a broker between the distilleries and the investors. These companies provide a cask management service which includes maturing, bottling and selling the cask on behalf of the investor.

The key is to purchase a cask from a distillery with a good reputation.

At Riverside Whisky, we work in partnership with our investors helping you through the process. We’ve built up years of expertise to help you select the right cask whisky for investment purposes and will also be able to provide guidance on storage and care.

Working in partnership

Cask whisky has been seen as a viable investment option for a number of years now. The value of some bottles has increased significantly, with some cask whiskies fetching high prices at auction.

Given the potential for profits, it’s important to work with a reputable company and one that operates a third party escrow provider services to safeguard transactions and client payments. This ensures that any client payments during the purchase process are made to an independent account that is operated by an FCA registered escrow provider.

With the right partner, cask whisky can be a wise and profitable investment.

Contact Riverside Whisky Partners Today and take a look at our FAQs for further information about the amazing opportunity that cask whisky investment offers.